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MENA Mobility delivers pioneering AI-powered logistics, warehouse automation and robotics solutions from our partners Geek+, a global leader in smart logistics and autonomous mobile robots (AMR). We supply logistics, warehousing and distribution companies across the UAE with AI-driven smart logistics using machine learning and operational optimisation algorithms to massively improve efficiencies and boost productivity in their logistics operations.

Robotics and AI Logistics Solutions


Efficient - Accurate - Flexible

Our warehouse picking systems from Geek+ can boost productivity by 200% or more. Offering both performance and reliability, our picking robotics are high speed and precise, compact, and heavy-duty. Empowered by Artificial intelligence and smart algorithms, Geek+ picking systems use the fewest robots to achieve maximum efficiency whilst improving warehouse storage capabilities.


  • At least 3x more productive than manual picking rate
  • System implementation within 3 months
  • Maximise warehouse space utilisation by up to 30%
  • Save on labour and time costs
  • Offers significant flexibility & scalability


The Geek+ ‘Goods-to-Person’ picking solution uses P series robots to move the inventory shelves and pallets to the picking station, completely eliminating the need for picking workers to walk around the warehouse, improving the accuracy of the picking, and reducing labour intensity. Compared to fully manual picking, efficiency is improved by 2 to 3 times.


The Geek+ RoboShuttle™ ‘Bin-to-Person’ picking solution can achieve high-density storage by using the innovative Geek+ C200 and narrow aisle design, while maintaining high efficiency. It offers flexible bin handling, subverting the conventional bin inventory model, with a return-on-investment within 3 years.


Accurate - Agile - Scalable

Our industry-leading sorting solutions promote maximum efficiency in logistics operations. Suitable for all types of goods and parcel sorting, robotic sorting systems from Geek+ are applicable to retail, apparel, pharmaceutical, FMCG, postal delivery, and other industries. Designed to greatly increase sorting efficiency, the S-series robotic solutions offer high speed, QR code navigation, collision avoidance, and flexible intelligent scheduling.


  • 10x more efficient than manual solutions
  • Lower initial investment – ROI in less than 3 years
  • Increases sorting efficiency and accuracy
  • Rapid deployment period
  • High flexibility – number of robots can adjust to demand

Floor-Based Sorting

Geek+ Floor-Based Sorting uses S20 series robots to sort small or middle-sized parcels at the floor level. Empowered by a strong AI algorithm, the solution monitors robot traffic and balances the task of each robot to achieve maximum sorting efficiency. The sorting site and operation scale can be flexibly expanded according to the customer’s business requirements. Optimal use of storage space and the AI algorithm sorting system provide overall high-efficiency task scheduling and dispatch, comprehensively improving the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Multi-Layer Sorting

With a Multi-Layer Sorting solution, the robots work on multi-level platforms, improving efficiency and utilisation of warehouse space. Packing, sorting, and loading areas are highly integrated, optimising the whole outbound process.


Replacing the Conveyor Belt

Flexible and stable handling solutions help companies bid farewell to conveyor belts. M1000, M600 and M100 robots can be used for transporting pallets, racks, and other carriers using standard jacking modules, which include advanced line-following navigation technology for auxiliary positioning in complex and changeable environments. Jacking modules can be flexibly customised to adapt to docking mechanisms of different heights and carriers of different sizes, and can automatically dock transplanting mechanisms, lifting mechanisms, warehouses, and other equipment to achieve almost entirely unmanned operations.


  • Rapid deployment
  • Operation visible
  • Diverse scenes
  • General scheduling
  • High return on investment

Smart Warehouse

Comprehensive - Flexible - Modular

Smart warehousing provides customers with the design and simulation of flexible solutions for the whole process of warehousing automation, realising a one-stop service for robotic warehousing applications. Smart warehouses can realise the process-based management of the entire warehouse, respond to the end customer's commodity storage, order production, and delivery service needs, and flexibly increase production capacity during periods of peak demand.

An intelligent warehouse is highly modular, fully integrating the picking, handling, sorting, storage, and retrieval systems, and can be connected to the automation equipment of partners. MENA Mobility’s customers can choose to use independent modules for job pain points to quickly improve job efficiency and save costs.

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